DailyPsy.com рассказал о моих релизах

DailyPsy.com — новый онлайн-журнал о пситранс-культуре, представил меня сцене и рассказал о моих релизах.

The young Russian producer, Daniel Lesden (Daniil Sokolovskiy) started his career just a few years ago but he has already attracted much attention. He combines trance atmosphere and melodies with progressive pulses and beats, creating an entirely new sound for his music.

Daniel made his first public appearance in 2011 with his own online radio show, named Rave Podcast. Today Rave Podcast features the best selection of Progressive and Trance music, with guest mixes by artists from around the world, and such popular performers as Astral Projection, Artifact303, Lyctum, Magnus, Sonic Species, Ovnimoon, Anton Chernikov, Ephedrix, and more.

Even though nowadays the majority of electronic music producers are imitating each other — of course, it’s hard to come up with something new — he still can keep his music original and unique.

In February 2012 Daniel signed a contract with Psy Spy Records, resulting in his release being featured in the latest „PsyTrance Open Air“ compilation. Following the first contract, the second agreement was signed the next month — this time with Ovnimoon Records, making the musicians’ debut release, „Contact“ (EP) commercially available in August 2012. This release made it to the „Top 100 releases of the month“ at PsyShop, steadily climbing up the chart for a month, and finally reaching the 7th place.

His new EP, named Mars One, includes two tracks and will be out by Synergetic Records, the sub-label of Plusquam Records Label Group.

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