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John 00 Fleming and I seem to have more than a few things in common, and one of them happens to be our mutual love for music with astrophysical naming conventions. Daniel Lesden’s newest album „Chronicles Of The Universe“ on JOOF Recordings was the latest review opportunity to arrive in my inbox, and as with any JOOF release, I was all over it.

Chronicles Of The Universe is Lesden’s first foray into the world of full-length artist albums. His previous EPs were a smattering of hard and dark progressive Psytrance, so I expected the album to be chock full of exactly that. Ask and ye shall receive, it seems, as the first track of the album, Mercurial Nights, blasts in with a strong stabbing bassline and squelching acid noises. I could immediately hear a strong improvement in Lesden’s production quality. The bass was more powerful than ever, the acid clearly resonated throughout the track, and the percussion was clear and wide, indicating that he is continuing to improve himself as a musician. An interesting groany breaks buildup takes us into a powerful drop and solidifies what is sure to be a great track on the dance floor.

The next track, Ishtar Terra, takes us on a slightly different path, concentrating more on a persistent stabbing bassline and heavily filtered acid leads. Track three, The Gaia, walks a similar path, but in a more minimal fashion. As the album progresses I notice that there is a heavy concentration on unique sound engineering and euphoric melodies.

Chronicles Of The Universe is a really great Psytrance album, built entirely for Psytrance fans. If psy is what you’re into, you will absolutely love this.

This essentially ends up being the template for the rest of the album. Stabbing bassline, strong acid, and ambient filtered melodies ringing out throughout the tracks. As much as I love Psytrance, I do wish there was a little bit more variation. When I listen to a full artist album front to back I’d like to hear them dip their toes into a few different genres. Things are shaken up a bit in the last two tracks though, which are a little slower and more euphoric. Coincidentally these are my two favourite tracks on the album; Deep Haze and 165 Earth Years, the latter taking the proverbial cake for me.

Chronicles Of The Universe is a really great Psytrance album, built entirely for Psytrance fans. If psy is what you’re into, you will absolutely love this. All it needs, in my opinion, is a few tracks in between to shake things up from the dagga-dagga. I would love to hear what Lesden could do with a breaks track, or a chill out session, or even some progressive house. Still, this album is what it is; excellent psychedelic trance. Pick up your copy today; I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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