Рецензия Generate Project на Thru The Stars

Проект Generate — это радио, музыкальный портал и блог. Ведущий проекта Костас Вулгарис сделал рецензию на мою ЕП Thru The Stars, вышедшую на Digital Om Productions.

If you are one seeking tracks that take you on a mental and musical journey, look no further. Daniel demonstrates his vast interest in our cosmos with this EP which as can be seen is truly out of this world.

Mysteries of Time starts off in a somewhat mystical vibe as we find ourselves quickly leaving the known world behind us just by pressing play. There is an evident and unique breadth of«space air» within. Daniel introduces us to a trippy atmosphere reminiscent of the golden Goa trance period. He achieves this purpose by borrowing elements from old school trance as well as cleverly using some dubstepy effects to gain even more throttle. This one certainly is the most journey like of the two and will get you to ponder the mysteries of space as well as get your feet moving.

This EP is undoubtedly an epic space journey for your mind and feet.

Thru The Stars On Autopilot follows the general concept of the previous track with one major difference. This one really goes the extra mile as the track progresses. It certainly hits hard and is loaded with tons of energy preparing to be unleashed. This trip through the stars attains the speed of light as the listener is uplifted both mentally and physically. The genius use of robotic style vocals within enhances the whole space and sci-fi theme brilliantly.It is guaranteed to do major damage on any dance floor whether it is located in our world or another one far far away.

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Автор текста Костас Вулгарис
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